Physician Heal Thyself

In my second year of naturopathic medical school it has become apparent that the primary reason most of my classmates and I gravitated towards the pursuit of a career in health is to heal ourselves.

“Physician heal thyself” is a Biblical verse that is meant to remind us of the importance of examining our biases, judgments and motivations before we impose and project them onto other people or things in our lives.

Struggling through four years of naturopathic education can be a rigorous, character-testing process, in which we are forced to reflect on our own perceptions and confront our deepest fears and insecurities.

In learning to care for other people (our patients) I believe that we must first learn to care for and heal ourselves.  It is only through self-healing that we can serve as a true inspiration for the people who come under our care and help nudge them on their own healing paths.

Join me as I embark on my own healing journey, in which I reflect on and share the lessons I learn both inside and outside of my classes, concerning art, health, healing and life in general.


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