Feeling Just Beachy!

There’s something to be said for good company, sun and sand to bring you out of a dark, rainy slump.  Last week was a particularly emotional one for me, which in part is due to my Reiki initiation, which can cause some energetic side effects, and some events happening on the home front.

Saturday was dark and rainy and I opted to spend most of it inside, trying, uneventfully, to get some work done.  When Sunday rolled around, even though I was feeling pretty much the same, Coco and I decided to join some classmates for a coffee and stroll in the  surprisingly warm March sun at the beaches on Toronto’s eastside.  Having grown up on the West side of Toronto, and even though I’m drawn to water, I hardly ever venture east of Yonge Street.  Taking the streetcar along Queen East felt like traveling to another city!

Maybe it’s luck but every time I seem to make plans with this particular vibrant group of people, I’m always rewarded with awesome weather.  I take this as a sign that we should hang out more often!


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