At What Level Do You Experience Life?

India’s homeopathic hero, R. Sankaran, developed a theory for dosing homeopathic remedies.  Homeopathic remedies are substances that are highly diluted.  It is thought that the more diluted the remedy the more potent the dose, because of the remedy’s ability to communicate with the body on higher energetic level.

Sankaran theorizes that the higher the level of consciousness of the individual, the more potent the remedy that they must receive.

According to our professor, Dr. Bakir, a healthy person should be able to navigate loosely through the levels, experiencing life at any of them, whenever they deem it appropriate.  However, most of us are “blocked” at one of these levels and are only able to perceive life at that stage.

A homeopathic practitioner listens to the types of words you use to describe your health concern, or life experiences in general, and uses this observation to decide at what stage you are blocked and, therefore, what dose of the remedy you may need.

Level 1: NAME – Everything in your life experience has a name.  For you, the name of the thing says it all.  For example, if someone asks you to describe your vacation you say, “I went to New York City”, and no other form of description is needed.

Level 2: FACT – You pay attention to the information and data surrounding things.  These facts should tell people all they need to know.  They are also all that you need in order to understand experiences.  “New York City has 8 million people.”  Facts and data are very important for you to understand and connect to things.  This is probably the main level at which we function in our society.

Level 3: FEELING – You are very much in tune with your emotions and use them almost exclusively to describe your experiences.  You also seek to understand other people’s emotions in order to understand their experience.  “I felt so inspired to be in a city full of artists and writers!  It was exhilarating to be around so much culture!”

Level 4: DELUSION – This is the experience level at which most children live.  You have a vivid imagination and are not afraid to step out of reality in order to describe your experience.  Most dreams are experienced at this level.  “I felt famous and important, almost like I was in a movie, when I was in New York.”

Level 5: SENSATION – This is the experience level at which animals live.  Babies and very young children (before speaking) also experience life at this level.  It is a non-verbal, physical level of experience.  It is extremely uncommon for an adult, living in our society to use this experience level to communicate with other people simply because it is not often socially understood.  If someone asks you how your trip was you might respond, “It gave me a light, floating sensation.”

Level 6: ENERGY – This level is characterized by the experience of shape, movement, colour and sound.  Individuals are in tune to nature’s energies, can sense them and are greatly affected by them. These energies dictate how they experience life.  Encountering someone at this level is very rare.  “The trip made my body vibrate and hum.” It is rare that individuals at this level would need or seek treatment.

Level 7: CONSCIOUSNESS – This is the level at which an enlightened individual, like Buddha experiences life.  An individual at this level would probably never need homeopathy  or any other form of energetic medicine.  They are extremely rare to almost non-existent in our society.

At what level do you experience life?  Visit a naturopathic doctor or homeopathic practitioner for your individual assessment and take your life experience to the next level.


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