DIY: Calendula Oil Infusion

One of my favourite herbs to treat skin is calendula, or marigold. The bright orange petals from this pretty flower helps soothe and moisturize minor cuts, burns, bruises and scratches, helping to increase the speed of wound-healing and decrease infection.  Calendula is also used to treat dermatitis or other itchy skin conditions, especially allergic conditions like poison ivy rash or bug bites, or can simply be used as a skin moisturizer, improving skin health and appearance.

Calendula helps reduce the appearance of scars and helps moisturize and soothe dry, fall skin (especially if you’ve been taking a bit too much advantage of the waning sun’s rays) and even lips and hair. Some calendula-containing creams can be expensive, but here is a simple, no-fuss and cost-effective method for making a calendula-infused oil, which can be applied directly to skin and is safe enough to treat the entire family, without the added chemicals that you might find in commercial products.

You need:

– dried calendula petals

– olive oil

– one mason jar

– a slow cooker

– a strainer, small bowl and cheese cloth (optional)


1) Pack a mason jar full of calendula petals.

2) Fill the jar to the top with olive oil.

3) Place the jar in a slow cooker.  Fill the pot 1/3 of way with water, leaving the lid off.

4) Cook this concoction on low for 8 hours, or overnight.

5) Remove the jar from the slow cooker and strain out the petals, using a small bowl and a strainer or cheese cloth to get out the rest of the oil.

6) Pour calendula-infused oil back into the mason jar (or any other pretty container you might have) and apply the infusion to itchy, dry skin or over fresh scars, minor cuts or scratches.  The oil turns out creamy and smooth, absorbs quickly into skin and feels cool and soothing.  It’s excellent for doing self-massages over the entire body, using for spot treatment on problem areas or as a moisturizer for fall.


14 thoughts on “DIY: Calendula Oil Infusion

  1. Thank you for taking the time to post this, I love calendula and have armfuls growing the garden, I also have jars, oil, a slow cooker and skin in need of care!…perfect recipe for me, will give it a go!

      1. Hi, Katie,

        I’m pretty certain you can use whichever kind of oil you like (as long as you’ve tried the oil on your skin). I used olive oil because I have lots of it and it’s a nice, light oil that dissolves into skin quickly. You can use coconut oil (which would be delicious), almond, jojoba or even castor oil, if you want something a bit thicker and stickier. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I love this method! You can do several jars instead in the water bath instead of heating one oil at time in the slow cooker or double boiler. My question is about the jar lid. I’ll probably be using mason jars. Do you tighten the lid all the way or loosely? (to allow for expansion/escape of hot air) Also, do you recommend repeating? (heat 8/cool 8/heat 8/cool 8, etc). Many thanks!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I do just leave the lid on loosely. I even made a chamomile oil infusion to add to my whipped body butter recipe and used just a glass measuring cup. I usually just heat it on kow for a few hours or overnight. The oil takes on a different consistency and smell as it acquires the properties of the plant that’s in it and you know it’s ready!

  3. A good way to squeeze out nearly all the oil from the calendula petals, is to roll them in a clean cloth, and twist the ends in opposite directions, as if you were wringing out a wet cloth. Muslin works great, but any non-stretchy fabric will allow you to exert a TREMENDOUS pressure on the petals.

    To give you an idea of how much pressure, you can actually “wring” almond milk out of chopped almonds this way. Good to know, if you ever want make your own Orgeat syrup, for Mai Tais.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to inform us about you method, I make the same steps except for the cooking, I just leave the pot in the open, air day and night ,for 45 days. I will now try your way,, I love calendula ,

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