Goat Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Cucumber Canapes


For the last Monday of classes for the 2012 school year we had a cleverly named “Ugly Potluck and Delicious Sweater” party at CCNM. Much fun (and good treats) were had by all and people did wear quite delicious sweaters, including some homemade masterpieces featuring Christmas trees that actually lit up via a battery pack. Celtic Christmas songs droned on in the background and it was a nice study “break” to foster school spirit and a sense of community before the real heat of exams set in and then we all disperse for the holidays.

Some highlights were gluten-free brownies, chili, apple curried meatballs (yum!) and many many other yummy treats! My contribution was quite simple, a recipe that I quickly thought up as a way to use up the newly bought goat cheese that my family and I quickly realized we don’t tolerate as well as we thought we might. Goat cheese doesn’t have the levels of casein, the protein found in dairy products, that is often the culprit behind dairy intolerances. Many people with dairy intolerances can tolerate goat and sheep’s cheese so it is always worth a try. At any rate, it’s delicious.


These canapes, bite-sized appetizers, are simple to make and just happen to be decked in festive colours. They’re also healthy and grain-free, which is a bonus if you identify with the paleo dieting set. These babies were a successful addition to the potluck, measured by the fact that I didn’t have to bring any back home with me! So, make these to bring to a holiday party to get into the season and wow your guests.

Goat Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Cucumber Canapes



Roasted red peppers (4-6)

Goat cheese (approximately 1/3 of a roll)

2 medium-sized cucumbers

a few spoonfuls of dill


Slice cucumbers width-wise about 1 cm thick. Lay them flat on a serving tray.


Next, chop the red peppers into small pieces. In a small bowl, mix together the goat cheese and peppers.


Distribute an approximately teaspoon-sized portion of the goat cheese and roasted red pepper spread on top of each cucumber slice. Top each canape with a small sprinkle of dill (for extra flavour and aesthetic) and serve!


So, let’s celebrate the fact that finals are almost finished and the holiday season is on its way!


3 thoughts on “Goat Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Cucumber Canapes

  1. I made these last night before the ballet! Except instead of roasted red pepper, I used sundried tomatoes. Loved that they were festive and green. However, goat cheese doesn’t agree with me… so I’m now trying to think up a dairy-free version, cashew cheeze perhaps?

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