fireworks201307-640x423The CCNM class of 2014 started our naturopathic medical education in September of 2010 (or Jan 2011, for the Janbabies). Since then we have written and performed exactly 90 exams (including our board exam, NPLEX 1, in the summer after 2nd year). 90 seems like a nice, round number. Not quite 100, more than 50. Every bit crazy. These exams represent a combination of penciled-in scantron cards, bleached and ironed lab coats and freshly charged opthalmoscopes. We measure them in collaborative Gmail notes, last-minute cramming in the seminar rooms, Monday taco salads, ad hoc yoga flows, Starbucks coffee, late-night, delirious, Facebook chats, shared laughs over med school Tumblrs and collective venting in the hallways with pre-sharpened pencils still in hand.

90 Exams.

That’s how many times my classmates and I have put pencil to paper, or been tested on a practical skill, from clinical diagnostics, acupuncture and manipulation to emergency responses. In the past three years we’ve written so many exams that, if you were to number them off, it would take you a minute and a half just to count them. We are superstars, exam-taking rockstars, bosses. CCNM students are hardcore. And, on May 13th, 2013, we’ll be in clinic, benefiting patients with the accumulation of knowledge represented by 90 examinations tucked away in our pretty little brains. We’re more than ready.

I encourage all my non-CCNM readers living in or near Toronto, Canada to visit and book an appointment at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic. Book an appointment to see one of my extraordinarily persistent, gifted, hardcore classmates as your primary intern. We’ve earned the ability to help you on your journey to health.

Because nobody writes 90 exams in less than 3 years, unless you’re awesome (or under the influence of some serious naturopathic remedies). And who wouldn´t want a piece of that awesomeness for themselves?

Congratulations, class of 2014! We DID IT!


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