Gratitude Journal


im grateful for long flowing skirts that blow in the summer breeze

and weather that’s appropriate for wearing them.

im grateful for the spanish language and the smiling people who speak it

and the songs sung in it with deep, crooning voices.

im grateful for playlists i didnt create and friday nights

where city lights dance on the water.

im grateful for thursdays at the beach while the sun sets and makes my face glow

and leaves freckles on my nose

that show up the next morning.

I’m grateful for punctuation, proper grammar and spelling.

and lack thereof

im grateful for double americanos that greet me in the morning

while old men who have risen early read their papers

and asian ladies count their change and argue.

im grateful for being more important to some people than i expected to be.

and less important to others than i want to be.

for story-telling

for overstaying my welcome

for oblivion

and being oblivious

for great lakes that dissolve our problems, making their bitterness palatable.

im grateful for being an acquired taste

that some never acquire.

im grateful for the bitter tastes of black coffee and hops in beer.

im grateful for free beer

and for the times ive spent too much on beer.

im grateful for discomfort and courage.

and the cold fear that there will certainly be more discomfort awaiting me

which will need to be met with more courage.

im grateful for cold water and scalding yerba mate

that burns the tongue and stills it.

and for lying on the grass.

im grateful for balconies

in all their forms.

im grateful for the agony of doors that are left ajar,

refusing to provide closure.

they allow in warm summer drafts that blow my long flowing skirt

while the sun warms my face, makes it glow

and leaves freckles on my nose

that show up in the morning.

im grateful for the freckles

and for those summer mornings.




8 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal

  1. Love this poem/gratitude journal! I generally find such journals too saccharin sweet for my taste. But here I loved your vulnerability, to put yourself in a not so great light and accept all the facets of your life. Especially loved the line – “I am an acquired taste…”.
    Bellissimo. Grazie mille

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