We Are


We are recycled star dust

That reshapes our entire body every 7 years.

Which means I’m just about finished with my 4th body.

And when I stare at the night sky, I might be looking at body number 5

Or reminiscing with the previous 3.

I am the wind, the rain, the earth, the salt from the sea.

I am the sun.

I am love.

I am excitement and disappointment.

I am hope, enchantment and wonder.

I am healing

As we speak.

I am patience (sometimes)

And forgiveness.

I’m a growing seed,

A work in progress that may never be completed,

But has always been complete.

We are 70% water,

And most of mine comes from coffee.

I’m not perfect.

I’m also not this exam.

And the result of this exam is not me.

I am a naturopathic doctor.

And much much more.

As are we all.

Good luck, class of 2014.

This is the end, my friends.


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